Share the Journey project – Caritas Internationalis

Mixed media on OSB
3m X 2,50m

Caritas Internationalis collage

“The future of humankind isn’t exclusively in the hands of politicians, of great leaders, of big companies. Yes, they do hold an enormous responsibility, but the future is, most of all, in the hands of those people who recognise the other as a YOU and themselves as part of an US. We all need each other.” Pope Francis

What does the future look like? According to Pope Francis, the only future worth building includes every single one of us.
Everyone’s existence is deeply tied to that of the other, said the Pope in his 2017 TED Talk. The future is made of all of us and our encounter with others because “life flows through our relations with others”.
Inspired by Pope Francis’ reflection on our common shared future, Caritas has produced a three-metre-high collage containing the faces of people who may not know each other in person, but whose lives are inextricably linked: migrants and refugees of the past and present, leaders, CEOs of the biggest companies, Caritas staff from different parts of the world and others who are part of our migrant journey.
The collage is part of Caritas’ Share the Journey campaign. The campaign aims to create spaces and opportunities for communities around the world to come together with migrants and refugees and get to know each other better. So far 70 countries around the world have participated by sharing a meal, walking together with migrants and refugees or quite simply by opening their arms in welcome.
Later this year, Caritas will launch the Share the Journey global week of action on art. We will use copies of the mosaic in communities around the world to encourage reflection and debate. Migrants, refugees and community members will be invited to place their photos in the mosaic and to write their thoughts around the outside.

Photo of Nasrin by Ismail Ferdous for Catholic Relief Services.

Photos of migrants taken from Caritas archives and photos of leaders and notable people sourced from Wikimedia Commons.

For the full list of photographers please write to Made with the support of Caritas Ambrosiana Learn more about the Share the Journey campaign:

Photos by Germano Serafini